Acesso Celular - Frequently Asked Questions


Have questions about Americatel products and services? Find answers here in our Frequently Asked Questions area (FAQ).

What is the access number to make calls with Acceso Celular?

The Acceso Celular toll-free access number is: 1-888-801-0123

How do I use my Acesso Celular Service?

To use the service from your any phone:

  1. Dial 1-888-801-0123 from a registered phone and follow the instructions. Save the number in your cell phone contacts so you always have it available.
  2. After listening to the prompt dial your destination number starting with 011 for international destinations or 1 for domestic destinations or countries with area codes (the Caribbean region, for example).
  3. If calling from a cell phone please do not press Send or any other keys once you have entered your destination number as this will disconnect Americatel from the line and bill the call through your cellular provider at a higher rate.

How do I add or remove subscribed numbers from my account?

  1. Login to and select My Services from the menu.
  2. Under Subscribed numbers, you will see all of your current subscribed numbers
  3. You can add up to 3 numbers (in addition to your main number).
  4. Click the plus sign and add a number and click Save
  5. To remove a number click the trash can icon next to the number you want to remove and click Save.

How do I manage my speed dial numbers?

Please use the following instructions to set up Speed Dial:

  1. Login to and select My Speed Dial Numbers from the menu.
  2. Enter a speed dial code between 1 and 99 and the full destination number (011 followed by country code, city code, and the phone number). Finally, click Save.
  3. When dialing, just call the access number and enter the speed dial code when you hear the prompt and your call will be connected instantly.