Acceso Celular

Make international calls
from your cell phone or any phone.

Features and Benefits:

  • Make calls from your cell phone at the same low rates
  • Register up to 3 additional phones on one account
  • No need to change your cellular carrier and requires no contract
  • There is no additional charge for the service


Want to register? Call us at 1-877-613-0123 to sign up to three (3) phones without any additional cost to you.


Already signed up?

To use the service from your cell phone:

  1. Dial 1-888-801-0123 and follow the instructions. Save the number in your cell phone contacts so you always have it available.
  2. After listening to the prompt dial your destination number starting with the 011 or 1
  3. After dialing the destination number remember to NOT press Send or Yes or OK because it may result in the call being completed and charged by your mobile service carrier.