Línea País

Now your family and friends in Latin America can reach you in the U.S. with just a local call!

Receive calls as if you were in your home country. You will be assigned your own local number in your home country which, when dialed, will ring on a phone number you choose in the United States. MyCountry Number works with either your home or cell phone and enables you to receive UNLIMITED calls from your friends and family abroad. It’s as if you were still in your home country.

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Your family and friends call the number on your country and pay only the cost of a local call. You answer their call in the United States without additional cost.

They call from their country to a local number and your phone rings here!

  • Service available in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Dominican Republic
  • Receive your local number in your home country
  • Receive unlimited calls from your home country