PIC Long Distance


With the nearly ubiquitous domestic reach of our private FGD network (link to network), Americatel is uniquely positioned to provide PIC LD services within the US. We can set up ANIs quickly, and our responsive team of experts is there to ensure service reliability.

Our fully redundant network core is designed to be highly scalable to support all voice traffic requirements. We also have relationships with multiple Tier 1 domestic carriers to whom we can identify the least cost route traffic in a disaster recovery roll-over scenario.

Because we are a privately owned network (link to network), we can transport the traffic ourselves which makes us more competitive than service resellers.


PIC LD Service Includes:

  • Nearly ubiquitous domestic coverage
  • Simple integration of ANIs into our system
  • Americatel’s highly scalable network capacity
  • Disaster recovery with least cost routing to multiple Tier 1 domestic carriers