Toll Free Origination


Americatel’s toll free origination boasts an inventory of numbers throughout the US and Canada, with the ability to easily import existing numbers. We offer great rates by carrying all the traffic over our private network, and can terminate the calls virtually anywhere.

Our fully redundant network core is designed to be highly scalable to support all voice traffic requirements. We also have relationships with multiple Tier 1 domestic carriers to whom we can identify the least cost route traffic in a disaster recovery roll-over scenario.

Because we are a privately owned network, we can transport the traffic ourselves which makes us more competitive than service resellers.


Toll Free Origination Service Includes:

  • Nearly ubiquitous domestic coverage
  • Call routing through the advanced Americatel network
  • Highest quality and reliability


Domestic Coverage

Access to nearly every domestic market in the US and Canada through Americatel’s expansive, dependable, and cutting edge network.


Call Routing

Our best-in-class services are the result of a fully redundant core distributed across all of Americatel’s switching sites throughout the country.


Highest Quality and Reliability

Americatel’s network has been engineered for carrier-grade performance with built-in redundancy, including our soft-switches, core backbone routers, SS7 signaling lines and re-routing elements.