Switched Long Distance


Americatel switched services are designed to help our customers increase revenues and expand market presence by leveraging our network. Switched outbound with enhanced routing capabilities is a high-quality, long-distance service designed specifically for providers who do not maintain their own switches.


Switched Service Includes:

  • Service to nearly every LATA leveraging Americatel’s private nationwide FGD network
  • Americatel’s next generation network core of soft switches and hardware
  • Disaster recovery


Americatel’s Network Capabilities

The Switching infrastructure of Americatel’s IP-based network is designed for carrier grade performance with fully redundant architectures at the software and hardware level and geographical redundancies to maximize service uptime. The Americatel native VoIP network can interface with SS7, ISDN, DTMF and VoIP protocols. The infrastructure also utilizes SIP, H.323 and MCGP protocols to manage the soft switches and application layer of the network.


Disaster Recovery

Americatel’s disaster recovery protocol leverages our relationships with multiple Tier 1 domestic carriers. Traffic can be easily rolled-over to one of these partners using our least cost routing capability.