General - Frequently Asked Questions


Have questions about Americatel products and services? Find answers here in our Frequently Asked Questions area (FAQ).

How can I contact customer service?

Our Customer Service number is 1-877-404-0123. You can also send an email to

How can I contact your sales department?

The number for our Sales department is 1-800-221-3020. You can also send an email to or click here to compare our plans and signup for Americatel service online.

How can I contact your accounts receivable department?

The number for our accounts receivable department is 1-888-620-5799.

Our mailing address is 102 Brookwood Rd, Atmore, AL 36502.

Where can I view my account and call details?

For Prepagado, Acesso Celular and Uniendo America plans, your account details are all available at My Account. Go to
Your username is your registered phone number, and your default password is your account number.

Username: Your primary registered telephone number
Password: Your account number

You may change your password once you have logged in but in the event that you forget the new password you may always use the default password to log in.