1010-123 - Frequently Asked Questions


Have questions about Americatel products and services? Find answers here in our Frequently Asked Questions area (FAQ).

How does 1010-123 work?

1010-123 is the long distance code that can save you lots of money by enabling you to dial around your long distance carrier.

How do I use the 1010-123 service?

Just pick up your home phone and dial 1010-123 before all your international or domestic long distance calls.

For International Calls:
10-10-123 + Country code + City code + Telephone number

For Domestic Calls:
10-10-123 + 1 + Area code + Telephone number

Does 1010-123 require a subscription or contract?

No! Just pick up your phone and dial the code before all your long distance calls.

How will I be billed for my calls?

Your 1010-123 charges will appear on your local phone bill.

Does 1010-123 work from cell phones?

No. 1010-123 only works on your landline home phone.

Where can I find 1010-123 per minute rates?

Click here to get to our 1010-123 rates page.

Are there any connection fees?

Yes, there is a low $1.99 connection fee per call.