Linea Pais - Frequently Asked Questions


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What is LíneaPaís?

LíneaPaís is the best way to receive your incoming international calls with a local international phone number that rings to any phone you choose here in the U.S. When you subscribe to LineaPais, Americatel will assign you a phone number in your home country. Yes, you will have your own international local number.

With LineaPais, any person in your home country can call you here in the United States for the cost of a local call for them and at no additional cost to you, except a low monthly fee for unlimited incoming calls.

Where is LineaPais available?

LineaPais is available in the following countries and cities:

What is the "cost of a local call"?

The “cost of a local call” is the price your family or friend must pay to make a local call in their country of residence. This price is determined by that person’s telephone service provider. In many cases the cost is low or even part of a service package.

What if my family / friends / acquaintances do not live in the local area where the LíneaPaís number is available?

In this case, family and friends can either choose to call you at the closest Linea Pais number available to them, or they can always call your US number. Sometimes the price of in-country long distance will be cheaper for them than calling internationally to the US.

Do I need any special equipment to get this service?

There is no special equipment for you or the people who call you from your Linea Pais country. There are also no installation charges.

How much does LíneaPaís cost and how is it billed?

For a fixed monthly fee, you can receive unlimited calls from loved ones in your home country. The fee will appear on your local phone bill.

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How can I make international calls with the Linea Pais service?

You can use our dial around service 1010123 to call internationally or you can use our prepaid access service Prepagado, or subscribed dial around service Uniendo America. For more information click here. To use 1010123 to call internationally follow these instructions:

To Peru: 1010123 + 011 + 51 + city code + phone number in Peru

To Mexico: 1010123 + 011 + 52 + city code + phone number in Mexico

To Chile: 1010123 + 011 + 56 + city code + phone number in Chile

To Spain: 1010123 + 011 + 34 + city code + phone number in Spain

To Argentina: 1010123 + 011 + 54 + city code + phone number in Argentina

To the Dominican Republic: 1010123 +1 + phone number in Dominican Republic