Uniendo America - Frequently Asked Questions


Have questions about Americatel products and services? Find answers here in our Frequently Asked Questions area (FAQ).

What is Uniendo America?

Uniendo America is a subscribed dial around service that offers you low calling rates to all of Latin and South America and beyond. By subscribing to a Uniendo America plan and using the 1010-123 code before all your calls, you can save lots!

How does Uniendo America work?

Simply call us at 1-877-404-0123 to subscribe to Uniendo America or click here for more info and to sign up online. When you dial a long distance number first dial the Uniendo America code, which is 1010-123.

For International Calls:
10-10-123 + Country code + City code + Telephone number

For Domestic Calls:
10-10-123 + 1 + Area code + Telephone number

Can I use Uniendo America from my cell phone?

No. Uniendo America is available only for your landline home phone. However, you can add Acceso Celular to your Americatel subscription. Acceso Celular works from any phone, even cell phones.

How will my calls be billed?

If you choose a plan requiring a credit card, you will be billed directly from Americatel. If you choose a plan that does not require a credit card, your charges will appear on your local phone company bill.